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Chemie / Industrieunternehmen ab 2 Mio. Euro Umsatz gesucht

Europäischer Investor sucht nach dem Verkauf seiner Unternehmen eine neue unternehmerische Herausforderung in den Bereichen:

Chemie (Produktion von Reinigungsmitteln, Silikonen, Lösungsmitteln/Farbstoffen –  chemische Produkte), Industrie, Recycling, chemische Reststoffe.

Standort ist europaweit möglich – bevorzugt: Deutschland, Österreich, Italien, Schweiz

Umsatzgröße von 2 Mio. bis 20 Mio. EUR – auch Sanierungsunternehmen, Nachfolge, maßgebliche Beteiligung.

Einsetzbares Eigenkapital ab 1.000.000,- Euro Kapitalnachweis wird im Einzelfall erbracht.

Search Criteria For Private Investments In Europe

Asking price per entry: 500 000 – 3 000 000 Euro
Location(s): Austria, Germany, Italy, Switzerland
Industry: Polymer and Elastomer Compounding, Processing, Reprocessing (Recycling), preferably specialists in Engineering Plastics and precision polymer/elastomer processing.

Primary targets: 

1. PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) and other fluoropolymers compounders. A target company shall be a specialist in granulation, agglomeration, pre-sintering (or cryogenic processing) and blending (compounding) of virgin fluoropolymers, mainly PTFE also known as Teflon 7, but also its co-polymers known as FEP (Fluorinated ethylene propylene), PVDF (Polyvinylidene fluoride), PFA (Perfluoroalkoxy), ETFE (Ethylene tetrafluoroethylene). It is important that the company owns a sophisticated technology of producing granular compounds, i.e. the obtained granules shall comprise both the primary polymer(s) and the filler inside, and be a so-called free-flowing material. The company shall be experienced in pre-treatment and blending of versatile types of fillers above the ordinary glass, brass and carbon additives.

2. PEEK (polyetheretherketone), PA/PI (polyamide, polyimide), PSU (polysulphone) Compounders. A target company shall be experienced in preparing versatile compounds, masterbatches and pre-ordered (tailor-made) mixtures of the said high-temperature polymers known as “performance plastics” or “engineering plastics”. It shall be noted that PTFE and fluoropolymers ( as in p. 1) are also considered performance plastics.

3. Processors (semi-finished or part manufacturers) and/or Recyclers of all the above types of engineering plastics. It means that possible target companies shall be able either:
– to process virgin or recycled engineering plastics into semi-finished products (rods, sheets, pills, billets etc);
– to process virgin and/or semi-finished products into commercial items such as machine parts and shapes; sealings and gaskets; thick- and thin-wall piping; skived, calendered or extruded tapes and films; lining and coating; polymer fibers and textiles;
– be able to dismantle, sort, clean and recycle the above named types of polymers as -wide-spec powders or semi-finished; used items or those surrendered for utilization; powders and parts stored beyond warranty time; polluted materials – into commercially valid reprocessed grades or adequate semi-finished parts

Important: There may be companies integrating all or most of the above branches into their daily business practice, they are of special interest to us.

Secondary Targets

1. Specialty Polymer Processors (Part manufacturers) having attractive know-hows enabling them to secure their specific niche of the market, e.g. precision molding or machining of complex, multi-axis shapes, or designing and setting specific machine parts assemblies of polymeric, metal and rubber components etc.

2. General Plastics Compounders, Processors or Recyclers with stable and versatile production range;

Size and standing of the target businesses: 

Small to medium-sized (5-100 employees) with average of 20 ppl;

Gross Sales about 2 – 20 mln Euro per year;

Net profitability per year 3%+ with good sales history.

Other essential criteria: 

– The target businesses shall be preferably B2B, not massively involved into bulk commodity or consumer manufacturing, such as coated window profiles or kitchenware;

– Real estate title transfer with the sale of the company is highly desirable, although not obligatory if a stable long-term rent is secured;

– Valid commercial contracts with a number of customers are a must (i.e. they must not be a start-up business or a single-client-dedicated business)

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